• Woodwinds
     Bassoon:  This is the largest of the woodwind instruments.  It has the lowest pitch.  Some people think of this instrument as the clown of the orchestra.  It is a double reed instrument.

    Clarinet:  It is a single reed instrument.  This instrument has a rich, round sound and a wide range of notes.  The clarinet can play in the low register, where the notes are rich and full.  It can play in the middle register.  It can also play in the high register. 

     flute  Flute: This silver instrument has a high, bright sound.  Air is blown into a small hole to produce its joyful sound.  It is made of metal, even though it is in the woodwind family.  Long ago it used to be made of wood.  The instrument is found in cultures throughout the world.  It is one of the oldest and most popular instruments in the history of music. 
     oboe   Oboe:  The orchestra tunes to this instrument.  It has a nasal, piercing sound and uses a double reed.  The oboe gives the orchestra its note when tuning before a concert. 

    Saxophone:  This is the newest of the woodwind instruments.  It looks like it belongs in the brass family because of its golden color.  It is a reed instrument and is popular in pop, jazz, and rock bands.  It is also being used more in symphonic music.  It got its name from its inventor, Mr. Adolphe Sax.   

    Demo videos:
    Woodwind quartet 
    Explore these sites to learn more about instruments in the woodwind family. Watch an introduction to the woodwind instruments. Video
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    This video shows a woodwind quartet: 
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