• Strings
    cello    Cello You have to sit down and hold this instrument between your knees to play this mellow instrument.  It has a rich sound and can play a wide range of notes.  Like the other members of its family, it has four strings. 

    Harp  The harp has 47 strings and seven pedals.  It is played by plucking the strings with the fingers of both hands.  These instruments are found in almost every size and in every culture on the planet.  Harps have been around for thousands of years 



    String Bass   This instrument stands over six feet tall and is the lowest sounding instrument in the string family.  It is a popular instrument for many different styles of music, including symphonic, jazz, bluegrass, and rock.  The string bass is similar in pitch to a bass guitar.   

     viola  Viola  This instrument looks like the twin brother of the violin, but it's a bit bigger with a slightly lower sound.  You probably could not tell the difference between the violin and viola unless you put them side by side.
     violin  Violin   This is the most popular instrument in the string family.  It has a high, brilliant sound.  It is the smallest instrument in the string family.  There are more violins in a symphony orchestra than any other instrument.
    Demo videos:
    Bass video

    Explore these sites to learn more about instruments in the string family.

      • SFS Kids - Click on the String Family to check out individual instruments. You can see them from different angles, read about them, and hear them play. If it tells you that you need to update your flash player, try just clicking the "Instruments of the Orchestra" link on the left of the page to refresh it (that usually fixes it).
      • DSO Kids website  Listen to each string instrument.  

    Violin Basics : How Does a Violin Work
    Violin Basics : How Does a Violin Produce Sound
    Click quizlet to learn some vocabulary related to strings. You can practice in flashcard mode (viewing both sides at once or one at a time) or in game mode. When you're confident, use test mode. Set up the test by unchecking the "written" box, then click "reconfigure." Begin the test, then show me your results. You can take the quizlet as many times as you want within the class period.
    When you finish your quizlet, go to our google classroom and finish your String Questionnaire and turn in. 
    Just for fun...
    This is a video showing how a violin is made: 
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