• Percussion


     drums  Drum setThis includes the bass drum, cymbals, tambourine, castanets,triangle, gong, and other percussion instruments like the wood block.  These instruments are found in most rock, pop, and jazz bands. 

    Timpani:  These copper-colored drums are also called the kettle drums because they look like big kettles.  Each drum plays a different note.  Orchestras usually have from two to four timpani.


     xylophone  Xylophone Mallets strike wooden bars to produce different pitches.   


    Demo Videos
    Drum Set

    Explore these sites to learn more about instruments in the percussion family.  

    Percussion video

    • SFS Kids - Click on the Percussion Family to check out individual instruments. You can see them from different angles, read about them, and hear them play. If it tells you that you need to update your flash player, try just clicking the "Instruments of the Orchestra" link on the left of the page to refresh it (that usually fixes it).
    • DSO Kids
    • How Percussion Instruments Work

    Click quizlet to learn some vocabulary related to percussion. You can practice in flashcard mode (viewing both sides at once or one at a time) or in game mode. When you're confident, use test mode. At the end of the test, it will show you your results. Set up the test by unchecking the "written" box, then click "reconfigure." Begin the test, then show me your results. You can take the quizlet as many times as you want within the class period.
    When you finish your quizlet, go to our google classroom and work on the percussion questionnaire. This is set up like a quiz but you can look up any answer that you do not remember from our class presentation on the percussion family. When you complete show me your score for recording. This questionnaire can only be taken once. 
    Just for fun...
    This is a video showing how drum shells are made: 
    Here's a video showing how cymbals are made:
    How It's Made Cymbals
    This video shows a percussion quartet: 
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