• The Gray's Woods Social Club


    What it is

    The Gray’s Woods Social Skills Club is designed to help children identified with emotional difficulties or autism spectrum disorder (those working with Miss Hackman) gain meaningful social connections and provide real life educational experiences.  Students will participate in a variety of large  and small group  activities designed to foster appropriate social interactions and coping skills. 


    Who it is for

    Students on the caseload of the autistic and emotional support teacher are automatically invited to participate.  Students that are not accessing special education services can be included if the administrator thinks it appropriate and parent permission is obtained.

    When do we meet?
    Gray's Woods Social Club currently meets once a month on Thursdays or Fridays from 1:45-2:40 in Miss Hackman's classroom.  Students will miss any instruction occurring in their regular classroom during this time.  Any homework assigned during Club time will be at the discretion of the regular education teacher.

    Rules and guidelines

    • Students are expected to follow the same rules given to them in their classrooms and the rest of the school building.
    • Students will treat adults, classmates, and property with respect.
    • Students will say positive, and encouraging things to others and make people feel good on the inside
    • Students are to keep each other safe on the outside

     Due to safety concerns, students with extreme behaviors and/or requiring physical restraint at any point during the month will not be permitted to participate in Social Club for that month.  Parents will be notified if this is the case.

    Below is a tentative list of ideas for Gray's Woods Social Club.  They are subject to change


    Monthly Activity Ideas


    September – Introduction Get to know you activities (proper introductions, handshakes, conversation, listening to people when they share information about themselves)


    October – Pumpkin Emotions (identifying feelings and emotions)


    November – Thanksgiving mini-feast with table manners/etiquette lesson (proper table etiquette)


    December – Holiday Cookies making (following directions and working in teams/partners)


    January – Indoor 'snowball fight' / group sled riding (working with teams/partners/sharing/competition)


    February – TBA


    March – Game-a-palooza!


    April – Egg hunt (appropriate and inappropriate social interactions)


    May  -Community Service

Last Modified on August 28, 2013