• My homework philosophy: The work the children do at home should be meaningful to them, promotes learning (not only busy work), isn't frustrating to them, allows for personal choice,  and  for parental involvement and guidance. Homework can be designed by you, the parent(s) by choosing from the menu of the various subject areas that I have supplied the links to. 
    Coming Soon: I will be teaching the children how to create slide shows and use Google Docs. Once this happens the children can do a presentation on any topic that they choose and then set up a time to share their presentation with the whole class. 
    Math: Is assigned on an as needed basis. If problems on a HW sheet are crossed out these are problems I don't need them to do. If you want your child to complete them that is fine and up to you.  If the problem proves too challenging then please move away from it. 
    If an assignment for math is not given for an evening, you can access IXL, or any math websites of your choice to practice math concepts.
    Cursive:  They can take their packet home any time to work on this independently. Please return the booklet the next day as we might work on it in class. 
Last Modified on November 11, 2015