•    All of my students at MNE/MNMS can expect to learn to be better organized, more self-sufficient and advocate for themselves so that they can learn and be as successful as possible. I also love to include them in social skills groups, when appropriate, to help them to learn to form friendships, navigate through school and just have fun together! 
       The iPad is also a big part of my programs. I love to use technology with students because it tends to engage them in ways that I can not. There are many wonderful Apps to teach everything from simple math skills and reading to social skills. These Apps are often designed for students on the Autism Spectrum and are appropriate and fun for them to use. I also use the iPad to keep all of my notes and data for my students so that I constantly have access to the things the students need to work on and the things they do really well. 
        Here at MNMS and MNES my goal is always to help the students be self-sufficient, responsible, contributors to their school community and good self-advocates as they go through the school environment. We feel that all of our students can accomplish great things if they use their strengths to the best of their abilities!
Last Modified on August 29, 2014