• Q. Which team is better: Maroon or Gray?
    A.  The teams are equally distributed. We took the twenty highest scores from the tryout and split them evenly between the two teams. It's not better to be on one team or the other.
    Q. What do the numbers in the Categories column mean?
    A.  During the actual competition, each student participates in three rounds. The numbers indicate which round you will be competing in and hopefully preparing for more intensely at home. Remember the rounds look like this:
    Round 1: Mystery
    Round 2: Geometry
    Round 3: Number Theory
    Round 4: Arithmetic
    Round 5: Algebra
    Q.  What can I do to prepare for my categories prior to the meet?
    A.  Review the practice packets and/or visit the IMLEM website and practice the years that aren't in your packets.  Focus on the 3 categories you have been assigned!
    Q.  Will I always be on the Maroon (or Gray) team?
    A.  Yes. The team that you have been placed on will be your team throughout the school year. 
    Q.  I'm an alternate. Will I ever be able to be a regular?
    A.  Yes! Before each meet, we'll take a tryout test. The top ten Maroon team members will become the Maroon regulars and the top ten Gray team members will become the Gray regulars.
    Q.  Are the lists that you posted in order based on scores?
    A.  No, they are in alphabetical order by last name.
    Q.  I'm on the soccer team and I wasn't able to make the first tryout/meet. Can I still participate?
    A. Of course! When the soccer season is over, come out and try a practice. As long as you participate in the tryout prior to the next meet, then you'll be able to participate in the meet.
    If you have any more questions that haven't been answered here, please e-mail Ms. Owens and I'll find you an answer.
Last Modified on October 2, 2019