Week of September 16th 


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    Word Work Week One   September 3-6

    Word Work Week Two   September 9-13

    Word Work Week Three  September 16-20 (two lists; two tests)



    What's Happening?

    Mathematics: The students will be proving area formulas for squares, rectangles, and triangles. They will apply this experience to calculating surface area of various prisms. Additionally, they will continue to investigate volume of solids.

    Reading: The students will review the elements of non-fiction texts through a close reading of the Constitution. 

    Writing: The students will create a "Me Poem," complete their small moment personal narratives, and begin learning about 10% summary writing.

    Unit Studies: The students will continue to investigate the rights and responsibilities of being a member (citizen) of a community and will learn about the US Constitution. They will also continue their study of Environmental Science.


     Some of our events and activities...
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    Food Web Diagram (as below)
    Food Web



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