Week of February 18th and Week of 24th
    Focus on Content Words February 18-21
    Focus on Roots February 24-28
    Focus on Base Words, Prefixes, Suffixes, and Parts of Speech February 10-14
    Focus on Base Words, Prefixes, Suffixes, and Parts of Speech February 3-7
    Focus on Prefixes January 27-31
    Focus on Vocabulary: Students will select ten words from our vocabulary study.
    Root Focus January 13-17
    Root Focus January 6-10
    Festival of Lights Word Work

    Please check your list and assignments by selecting the correct link. The lists will be added to weekly with the most recent at the top of the document.

    Word Work Team One

    Word Work Team Two

    Word Work Team Three

     Links to Spelling Lists and Assignments

    Word Work Week One   September 3-6

    Word Work Week Two   September 9-13

    Word Work Week Three  September 16-20 (two lists; two tests)

    Word Work List Four      September  23-27

    Word Work List Five       September 30- October 4

    Word Work List Six        October 7-11

    Current Word Lists are available from the first three links above.


    What's Happening?

    Mathematics: The students are reviewing multiplication and division with fractions. In addition to the algorithms, they will learn other ways to prove their answers. They will anlayze story problems and multiple ways to solve problems. Students will begin to use Google Classroom for some assignments and blogging. Our Flipped Classroom (one or two days a week) begins this week.

    Reading: Students have started reading a fantasy book with a partner. They will be writing reflections daily and will set reading goals with each other daily.

    Writing: Students are completing an informational essay in class. After completion, they will focus on voice in fiction. 

    Unit Studies: The students are beginning their study of geological processes.


    Some of our events and activities...
    Current Events Schedule  Starting again soon!
    Kindness Rocks 
    Kindness Rocks
    Writing Workshop
    Writers find comfy spots in which to write.
     Mapping and Scaling Project Pics
     Mapping  Mapping   Mapping
    Assessment Rubrics 
    Food Web Diagram (as below)
    Food Web



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