• Why Health & PE?
     Why is physical education and health so important? There are many reasons! Below are just a few...
    Lack of Exercise Can Be "Fatal" 
     Do you get enough physical activity? According to this article, America is one of the least active countries in the world. Lack of exercise leads to many health problems, most of which can be preventable (such as heart disease, diabetes, etc).
    Type 2 Diabetes and Kids
    In this article, it discusses how Type 2 diabetes is becoming an issue among children. Not only are more and more children being diagnosed with this disease, but it is also becoming very hard to treat it. Exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the risk for this disease in our children. Health & PE are an important part of education so that children learn how to lead healthy lifestyles.
    Activity Levels Decline by Age 15
    In this article, it discusses how physical activity decreases as children grow older. Health & PE are important to teach students about the importance of physical activity and to provide them time in their day to get up and moving. In addition, they are exposed to a lot of different activities in middle school PE. Hopefully, they will find an activity they enjoy and continue to participate in it.
    Obesity Rates Among Adults in the U.S.
    This article discusses the rise in obesity in the United States. It is projected that by 2030, at least 42% of adults will be overweight and obese. According to the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation, -- http://www.dsr.nsw.gov.au/assets/pubs/active/active_kids.pdf   "active kids lead to active adults." Therefore, it is important for kids to develop a love for physical activity and moving so they carry these behaviors over into adulthood. Health and PE classes teach students how to be healthy and introduce them to many different types of physical activity they can participate in.

    Exercise Is Linked To Better Academics
    Check out this link to learn some key terms assosciated with health and physical education! 

Last Modified on March 4, 2020