• Driver/Safety Education

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    Driver/Safety Education is a nine-week  course designed to help prepare a teen for the safe operation of an automobile. The information covered during class will range from the process of obtaining a learner’s permit/driver’s license, safe driving techniques, vehicle controls, safe interaction with other highway users and the laws associated with driving. Since driving involves a great deal of risk, the information is very important and should be taken seriously. It is imperative to gain as much information about driving as possible.


    Classroom Rules:


    1. Do not talk or be disruptive while the instructor is teaching.                    If you have a comment or question raise your hand.


    2. Be respectful to classmates, the instructor and the room.


    3.  Come to class prepared and ready to participate.


    4. Be on time.


        Please keep in mind this is only a nine week course so it moves at a fairly rapid pace. We will complete about 7 units in that time.  Homework although infrequent is due the day assigned unless you are absent.  If you miss school on the day of a test you will make it up the next day you are in school  unless there are extenuating circumstances (extended illness, concussion etc..) Since driving is 90% visual and many of you will not get the chance to take in-car, I will be using Powerpoint presentations with short video clips, demonstrations and longer instructional videos when appropriate. In addition we will have a few in-class group projects, guest speakers and when the topic is appropriate we will do some activities  with a real car.  Maturity is a big factor in safe  driving so mature behavior is expected in all classes and activities.

    Unit Topics

    (approximately a week per unit)


    Unit 1 -  Course intro, PA GDL, permit and licensing procedures


    Unit 2 – Basic operation of a vehicle


    Unit 4 – Signs, signals, pavement markings,  right-of-way


    Unit 5 – Visual Perception


    Unit 9 – Reducing the influence of distractions on the driving task


    Unit 10 – Driving in adverse conditions, vehicle malfunctions and collision reporting


    Unit 11 - Personal factors influencing operator performance – alcohol, drugs, fatigue and road rage

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