Orange Team ADVISORY time: ROAR    

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    Advisory takes place in small groups of 12 -14 students, with one teacher as the Advisor.

    These groups are know as "Prides."We meet in these groups during AREA time at the end of the day.


    The 8th grade Orange Team ROAR Advisors are:

    Ms. Anderson (Art)  axa14@scasd.org

    Mrs. Cummins (Academic Literacy)  csm19@scasd.org

    Mrs. Dietz (Math)  amd20@scasd.org

    Mrs. Howley (Social Studies)   lgh12@scasd.org

    Mrs. Conrad (English)  skm11@scasd.org

    Mrs. Walker (Science)  kjh27@scasd.org
    Mr. Haushalter (Health/P.E.)
    Ms. Mozden (Health/P.E.)
    Ms. Bowen (Information Tech. Specialist) and Mr. Keiser (Health/P.E.)


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