• English Courses

    The Secondary English Program offers a wide range of courses that provide opportunities for students to improve their skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and research. In grades 7 through 12, the department offers year-long courses that integrate all of the language arts. At the high school a variety of electives in the areas of creative writing, theater, and journalism are offered. Additional courses at that level focus on the improvement of reading and other communication skills.

    The State College Area District requires that students take English every year. Successful completion of year-long required courses satisfies that requirement. Twelfth grade includes semester options to fulfill the English requirements.  Elective courses at the high school offer enrichment and reinforcement in specific language arts skills but do not provide credit toward the English graduation requirement.

    English Required Courses
    7th Advanced English 7

    English 7

    English 7
    Advanced English 8

    English 8

    English 8

    Advanced English 9

    English 9
    English 9

    Advanced English 10

    English 10
    English 10

    Advanced English 11
    AP English Language and Composition
    College Preparatory English 11
    English 11
    AP English Literature and Composition

    College Preparatory English 12

    Semester-long 12th-Grade Courses:

    College Writing
    Film and Media Studies
    Modern Classics
    Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature
    Speech and Debate
     Creative Writing 

    English 12
    English for English Language Learners 1A-5A, 1B-5B (English as a Second Language

    English for English Language Learners 1A-5A, 1B-5B (English as a Second Language)



    English Elective Courses
    GRADES 9-12 GRADES 10-12  

    Introduction to Theater

    Journalism 2


    Journalism 1

    Advanced Journalism 2


    Link to the Course Selection Guide 2021-22 for course descriptions

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