• Mrs.Clark’s Homework Assignments and Policies

    **Homework is given every FULL week of school; Monday through Thursday evenings**



    ***I never give homework on Fridays, UNLESS it is not done the night before andstudent doesn’t do it on their own time.***


    Reading:  Homework will be either to read for 10-15 min. and have anadult (someone at least age 15) date and sign the blue paper OR there will be areading worksheet that comes home, that will need to be completed.




    Spelling: The students always get spellingwords on Mondays. We will have words every week; Four day weeks included. Ifthere is only a three day week—they will not get words.  All homework is to be done in theirspelling journals. They need to have each assignment dated and labeled. All tests are given on Fridays. If it is NOT dated and or labeled, they will NOT get a sticker for their homework!


    Monday—ABC order

    Tuesday – 4 good sentences using at LEAST 5 words(spelled correctly). Can use one or more spelling words in each sentence.

    Wednesday – 4 even BETTER sentences than thenight before!

    Thursday – 3 times each

    Friday -  TEST!!!




    Math:  Math (multiplication, addition, subtraction or division) factsand often a workbook page to complete as well.  This is two pages of homework per night, but the factsshould NOT take longer than 5 min. to complete!


    **If yourchild is NOT with me for a certain subject he/she will get homework from theirregular education teacher. If your child IS with me for certain subjects, thehomework will come from me, not the regular education teacher. **

Last Modified on January 6, 2012