• Our Favorites
    At Radio Park, we love all our plants. We do, however, love some more than others. Here's a list of some of our favorite plants, most of which are either available at local nurseries, or which you'll be able to purchase at our Friendship Night Plant sale in May. We seem to like red, judging by our choices below. Check out the Mexican Sour Gherkins in our featured plants phase. They are favorites of the students, and we harvested over 1200 last year for use in the cafeteria!  
     Bean - Burgundy Yard-Long: An Asian-type bean. Grows on long vines, and produces many beautiful beans 18 inches long. Use like any other fresh beans. Often part of our Three Sisters garden.
    Red Noodle Bean  
    Corn - Strawberry Popcorn: Another part of our Three Sisters garden. Produced 2-3 2 inch long ears on each plant with pretty red kernals. You can microwave popcorn on the cob in a paper bag or strip them and use in a hot air popper. 
     Strawberry Popcorn
     Pepper- Jimmy Nardello: This is a pepper with great pepper taste without the heat. We either add them to chili or slice into little rings and put on salads. Yields were heavy, and at the end of the season we dried ours and ran through a food processor, making a powder we add to winter dishes.  
     Jimmy Nardello pepper
    Tomato- Sungold: So sweet they are like candy rather than a tomato. We keep a bowl on the counter for fresh eating at home from July until first frost. With fertile soil, you can get thousands on each plant.
Last Modified on February 22, 2014