(located at 240 Villa Crest Dr) 
    Important Dates/Information for the upcoming school year:
    Jan 18th (snow date Jan 19th): high school only, In person at high school at 6:30pm, Instructional Showcase.  Presentation can be found here: https://sites.google.com/scasd.org/instructional-program-showcase/home
    February 17: Deadline for curricular and co-curricular participation
    June 30: Deadline for end of year evaluation summary - please e-mail to dbr14@scasd.org
    August 4:  Deadline for materials request
    Students enrolled in homeschooling either all day or part day are NOT ELIGIBLE for the following during that school year:  
    * State High Diploma
    * GPA standings such as honor roll
    * Class Rank
    * Awards
    * Counselor on formal applications to colleges, the homeschool instructor is the counselor
    Part time homeschool students can receive recognition for in school performance on a test or in competitions or when they receive recognition on national school performance measures they will be included in press releases.
    End of year evaluations
    * due by June 30th
    * should include the following information: 
           student name and grade;
           an academic progress summary;
           fire safety activity statement;
           standardized testing statement for students in grades 3, 5, and 8;
           evaluator's "appropriate education" statement 
    Student Registration and Appendices -
      All homeschooling information should be emailed to dbr14@scasd.org
    Homeschool student enrolling as Full Time Student-  Please email the following information to dbr14@scasd.org or mail to Registration Office 240 Villa Crest Dr, State College, PA 16801  
                               1.  Student registration form can be downloaded at: Registration Form
                               2.  Course request form for high school students only   
    Homeschool students enrolling as PTNR students for the first time- During the school year if your child was homeschooled and would like to participate in either curricular, co-curricular, interscholastic, intramural or activities for the upcoming school year.  The following information is required to complete registration at the Student Registration Office:
                               1.  Student registration form can be downloaded at: Registration Form
                               2.  Student's birth certificate or passport
                               3.  Student's immunizations
                               4.  Parent/guardian proof of residency in the school district
                                              (acceptable forms are signed lease, current utility bill or sale of house agreement)
                               5.  Guardianship and custody papers, if applicable
                               6.  The appropriate appendices below
    PTNR students returning as PTNR students- if your child was participating in either curricular, co-curricular, athletics or activities at the school and would like to continue for the upcoming school year, the following information is required to complete registration.
                            1.  Parent/guardian proof of residency in the school district 
                                           (acceptable forms are signed lease, current utility bill or sale of house agreement) 
                                                                   This must be submitted every year, even if you didn't move.
                            2.  The appropriate appendices below 
    Please note- if you have signed up for courses online either through the high school or middle school and you do not complete the registration process by May 25th, your course requests will not be included in the scheduling process.
    Click on the name of the Appendix to open the document.  All documents are in PDF format.  The compete homeschooling packet can be downloaded and viewed through the following link: Homeschooling Packet
    Appendix A- This is the affidavit required by the State College Area School District for homeschooling.  This form must be submitted to the Registration office.  Each application will require two (2) weeks for review and approval.  The Student Registration Office can notarize your affidavit for free. 
    Outline/Education plan - Sample outline for your reference.  Special Education students must have their education plan approved by non SCASD personnel before submitting paperwork to the homeschooling office. If you have questions about the special ed requirement please contact our Special Education Department at 814-231-1072.
    Appendix B- As a homeschooling parent you are allowed to request materials from the school district.  Please fill out one form per child.  If you are only requesting materials you do not need to register.  Please return by August 6 to the Registration Office.  *Typing pal program has been discontinuted, code.org is a free resources that you may sign up for to use.  IXL is available and should be filled out on this form.  
    Appendix C- This form is to be completed if your child wants to take courses at their neighborhood school, one form per student.  Reminder these students are considered PTNR students and must be registered with the school district.   Enrichment services, reading services, ESL and Title 1 services cannot be requested as a homeschool student.  Please keep in mind that some courses may have prerequisites that must be meet.
    Appendix D- The form should be completed for participation in interscholastic.  Interscholastic is only available for students in grades 9-12.  This request requires specific selection of the sport(s) of interest by February 23.  Specific information about athletic options can be viewed by clicking on the following link: https://www.scasd.org/Page/3842.
    Appendix E- Students who would like to participate in intramural or activities need to complete this form.  Specific intramural or activities are not required but highly recommended.  Specific options and dates are available based on staffing, facilities and funds.  A complete list can be found on the district website: www.scasd.org under Activities.   
    Appendix F-  Course Registration Form for students in grades 9-13.  Course registration guides for the high school and Delta can be found on their school websites.  A copy of the High School Course selection guide can be picked up in the Registration Office.
    Appendix G- Example of the high school transcript 
    Miscellaneous Information 
    Gifted Services - Gifted services will not be provided for homeschooled or PTNR students.
    Food Service- This is not a service which may be selected in advance but rather a measure to be implemented for the convenience of the homeschooler if it is judged reasonable by administration during the school year.  They will also be eligible for free and reduced lunch if they qualify.
    Health Screening and Physicals- The school district will provide mandated health screenings to any school age student who is a resident of our school district, regardless of enrollment status.  Home-schoolers are invited to participate in our health screenings at their neighborhood school to which they would be assigned.  For a list of the screenings please click on the following link: https://www.scasd.org/domain/104
    Management of Student Data- Data for homeschooled students will be maintained separate from other students.  PTNR student data will be maintained in the building they are assigned.  The following information is required for various state reports and/or to meet state regulations.
    Student Files Registration information, attendance records, grade, performance assessment records.  Health records will be maintained in the school nurse's office.  This information will be made available to the homeschool supervisor.
    Transcripts The State College Area School District will not provide an official transcript for homeschooled students who took courses through the school.  If you require unofficial transcript please contact your student's counseling office. Homeschoolers are encouraged to maintain a transcript similar to that used in the public school.
    Graduation Homeschoolers are not eligible for the State College Area School District diploma by Board policy.  Please contact the Home School Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (717-787-4860) on information on how to get a diploma.  The Superintendent will issue a letter upon request which acknowledges that a student has graduated.  To request a letter contact the Superintendent's office at 814-231-1016.
    Student Assessment- Please contact your child's neighborhood school and speak with administration for testing information.
                                   The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) - available for grades 3-8
                                   The Pennsylvania Keystone Exam - available for grade 10 and 11
    Special Education Assessment/Services- Assessments will be conducted by the school district after a written request from a homeschool supervisor and a follow up meeting with school district staff.  Heather Pringle should be contacted to make arrangements.  If services are necessary they will provided in the public school. 
    Student Parking-  Contact the High School Building (814-231-1011).  Student parking is very limited and not guaranteed.
    Transportation-  Homeschooled students taking a first period class will be transported in the morning and those taking an eighth period class will be transported home.  Transportation will be provided related to all curricular and/or co-curricular activities. 
    The school principal and staff will be responsible for the supervision and discipline of homeschooled students while in school.  Students will be expected to follow all rules and regulations of the State College Area School District.  
    The following publications are available at the following links.
         The Elementary School Handbook: Elementary School Handbook
         Middle School Student Handbook: Middle School Handbook
         Middle School Course Selection Guide:  Middle School Course Guide
         State College Area High School Student Handbook: High School Handbook
         State College Area High School Course Selection Guide:  High School Course Guide 
         The Delta Program Handbook: Delta course/information
    Other Resources:
     "The Guide to the PA Homeschool Law" by Howard and Susan Richman.  Copies can be purchase by contacting:  PA Homeschoolers, 105 Richman Ln., Kittanning, PA  16201.  www.pahomeschoolers.com
    SCASD has partnered with Schlow Libary.  Check out the website for more information: Schlow Library
    Contact Information
    Application/Affidavit    Deena Ryan        814-231-1017          240  Villa Crest Drive            dbr14@scasd.org
                                                                                                     State College, PA 16801           
    Student Services           Jeanne Knouse   814-231-1054         240 Villa Crest Drive            jmk37@scasd.org
                                                                                                      State College, PA 16801
    Special Education         Heather Pringle      814-231-4172      240 Villa Crest Drive            hrp13@scasd.org
                                                                                                      State College, PA 16801
    Interscholastic/           Chris Weakland   814-231-1143          650 Westerly Parkway         cjw11@scasd.org
    Intramural Athletics                                                                State College, PA 16801
    Curriculum                    Building Principals 
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