• BRAVO Committees

    **NOTE**  These descriptions are for a typical, non-pandemic year. For 2020-21, many of these committees do not apply. Please contact any Bravo Board members via email if you would like to find out how you can help, or have suggestions to offer.  Thanks in advance for your support and involvement -- we can use all the help and hands we can get!

    Committee Descriptions

    50/50 Raffle

    • This committee will run a 50/50 raffle in the lobby area and throughout the auditorium before shows and during intermissions. The winning ticket is pulled at the end of intermission right before the start of the second act. Thespians have a license enabling us to sell tickets, but because it is technically considered gambling and it is a school-related function…ALL volunteers MUST be 21 years of age or older.

    Box Office

    • This committee is involved with ticket sales the two weeks before and during show weekend. The box office staff works for one hour prior to each performance.

    Cabaret & Silent Auction

    • This is an event that occurs in May as a fundraiser for Thespians. It involves a cabaret performance, a gourmet dessert reception, and a silent auction/raffle.This committee would be responsible for assigning and collecting the gourmet items as well as the set up and clean up of the cafeteria. This committee is also responsible for the collecting of donated auction and raffle items and coordinating volunteers and facilitating the event.

    Candy Grams

    • These are special gifts and messages sent to cast and crew members from family and friends during the shows. We need help with collecting donations, creating/assembling the grams, and then working the table at concessions.

    Cast/Crew Lunch

    • This takes place the week of the show on that Thursday during the school day.There is a performance in the morning for the school and we supply a lunch for the cast and crew. Again, this only involves one time in the fall and once in the spring. We need volunteers to help set up, serve, and clean up during school hours, and we need a lot of food donations to go along with the pizza and drinks that BRAVO supplies.


    • We run concessions before and during intermission of each show. We need volunteers to help set up, tear down, and work the tables. Please note that you WILL NOT miss any part of the performances when you volunteer for these areas.


    • This involves sewing, ironing, glue gunning, etc. All levels of ability and talents are welcome. If you can sew on buttons, iron pants, mend a hemline....they will find a job for you.

    Face Painting

    • Coordinates student and parent volunteers, materials, etc. for face painting at the People’s Choice Festival.

    First Night mannequins

    • Helps coordinate students and schedule for New Year’s Eve at Appalachian Outdoors.

    Flowers (at concessions)

    • We will be selling roses and carnations during the shows for family and friends to purchase for cast and crew members. This usually requires several sets of hands!

    Giant Gift Card Sales

    • Takes sign ups, collects money, purchases, & delivers cards.

    Green Room

    • Green Room takes place after the Friday night performance of the fall and spring show. The cast, crew, and audience are all invited to the cafeteria for refreshments and a "meet and greet" of the cast, crew, and production staff. We need volunteers to help set up, clean up, and donate finger foods and goodies. This group helps also plan/organize and set up the show theme-related decorations for the Green Room reception in the cafeteria on that Friday night of the show and assists with clean up.

    Homecoming Meal

    • Our traditional Marching Band and Thespian Homecoming Pizza Dinner!


    • Sells Thespian magnets alongside Concessions.


    • This committee would assist with props coordination and acquisition, and assist the students in the various aspects of prop construction.


    • This involves contacting newspapers and other publications, radio/television stations, and distributing flyers and posters to local merchants and schools within the district. This committee also solicits local businesses and thespian fan to purchase ads and sponsorships in our productions and playbills.

    Set Construction

    • This committee would assist the set designer, construction head and the students in the various aspects of set design and construction.


    • This is usually the Friday night of tech week and happens once in the fall and once in the spring. The students stay after school to run the show, and do WHATEVER still needs to be done. BRAVO supplies a meal for them as they won't get home for dinner and it becomes a later night for them. It involves the set-up, serving, clean up and the assigning of volunteers to donate food items.


    • Makes sure water is available for Thespians during performances, filling coolers, getting water, refilling, etc. -Fall show, Spring show, and Cabaret.
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