• Wellness 9 and either Wellness for Life, Sports Nutrition and Safety, or Leadership and Wellness must be completed to satisfy the SCASD graduation requirements. 

    Leadership & Wellness

    Suggested Grade Level 11-12

    Through course objectives, students will learn leadership concepts through the exploration of personal vision, values and interests. Participants will learn new skills and behaviors that will enhance their ability to be community advocates. Students will also be engaged in ongoing community service projects through partnerships with community agencies as an integral part of the course while focusing on health and wellness.

    Sports Nutrition & Safety

    Suggested Grade Level 11-12

    Students will learn how Sport Nutrition can enhance and sustain performance for exercise. Topics of instruction will include development of nutritional meal plans, energy metabolism, essential nutrients, ergogenic aides (performance enhancers), fueling for various muscular strength/power and endurance activities, weight management. A unit on safety will permit students to earn CPR/AED certification.

    Wellness 9

    Suggested Grade Level 09

    This course provides students with current information on an array of health topics of interest and concern to students. The course will emphasize intelligent decision making and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own health. Students will have the opportunity to make the connection between physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of health. Components of the course will include knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors using a variety of instructional strategies that are student-centered.

    Wellness for Life

    Suggested Grade Level 11-12


    This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive, skills-based approach to managing their wellness. An emphasis is placed on the importance of making responsible decisions that will lead to a higher quality of life. Course information is presented in a practical manner incorporating current health trends and concerns, life management skills and interdisciplinary learning strategies to achieving optimal wellness.
Last Modified on January 4, 2017