• Delta Community/Program Service Criteria



    ***For the Fall 2020-2021 Semester there is no service requirement.***
    Students are encouraged to continue to make a positive impact by helping at home or in the local community, if possible and advisable. 

     --Each Delta student must complete 30 documented hours of community/program service for 3 or more different organizations per school year.

    --Service hours completed in the summer prior to any school year can be counted towards the following school year's community service requirement.

    --It is a student's responsibility to seek out and complete the Delta community service requirement. Students must also complete and submit the corresponding Community Service Form.

    At Delta, we define community service as meeting all of the following three criteria:

    •  a donated service that promotes the good of the community
    • a donated service with, through, or for a non-profit group or orgnization
    • a donated service tht involves some sort of commitment or rewarding experience


    *Note: If you are planning to participate in an activity that does not fit these criteria, but would like it to count towards your Delta service requirement, please check with the Community Service Coordinator (Nick, nwg11@scasd.org) before performing the service.




Last Modified on January 8, 2021