• Winter Recess Clothing

    Winter Recess Clothing

    Our weather is beginning to look and feel more like winter!
    I wanted to give you some information about winter recess clothing.
    When we go outside for recess, there is not always an adult left in our classroom to be with those children who may not have the proper clothing for recess. Therefore, everyone goes outside for recess. It is very important your child be dressed appropriately for the weather.
    The playground is very open, so a hat, scarf and gloves or mittens are recommended. I always used to keep a spare pair of gloves and hat in my own children’s backpacks for those “just in case” times.
    If there is snow on the ground, your child will need boots in order to be in the snow. These boots must be in addition to another pair of shoes. Wearing wet, snowy boots throughout our classroom makes for a damp carpet and slippery floors, as well as wet clothing when we are sitting on the carpet—not to mention cold, wet feet!
    If your child would like to roll around and really get into the snow, snow pants are a must. Since the snow clothes will get quite wet, we often do not wear them home, but pack them up. It would be great if your child brought their snow gear in a separate bag (a plastic grocery bag works great). If we end the day with recess, snow clothes will be worn home.
    In the past, when we have had consistent snow, children have brought spare snow clothing to school and left them on their hook. This is completely up to you.

    By District Board Policy, when the "real feel" temperature is 20 degrees or above, recess will be the full 30 minutes outdoors. If the “real feel temperature” is 15-19 degrees, the outdoor recess could be the full 30 minutes or it could be less based on the office decision. When "real feel" temperatures are 10-14 degrees, recess will be 15 minutes outdoors and 15 minutes indoors. When the “real feel” temperatures are below 10, the children may go outdoors for a brisk 5 minute walk. Because the forecast often changes.

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Last Modified on December 8, 2019