• 2024 Jump Rope for Heart

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Your child has expressed an interest in Jump Rope for Heart – an educational program that teaches children how to keep their hearts healthy. Money raised by Jump Rope for Heart allows the American Heart Association to develop educational programs and materials for your child’s school. Equally important, it supports vital health research aimed at ending disability and death from heart disease. As always, this is strictly a voluntary program.

    WHO: All SCASD Elementary School Students in Grades 2-5 

    HOW: Students get together to jump rope as a group during their health and physical education lesson. They can ask for flat donations from people that they know. Checks should be made out to the American Heart Association. Please convert your cash to a checkBring your money (and your online report if your student online fundraised) to the event in the envelope provided.

    *WHERE: Corl Street Elementary School 

    WHEN: Februrary 20th - February 27th, during their weekly HPE lesson

    2024 JRFH

    If you would like your child to participate in the Jump Rope for Heart program, have them complete the release form on the money envelope, tear it off, and give it to her/his physical education teacher. Bring the check(s) in the envelope provided on the day of the Jump Rope For Heart event.

    ONLINE FUNDRAISING: Students can include “out-of-town” friends and family by using the online computer page option. Students can create webpages and send emails to spread AHA awareness and ask for support. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hoover at kah30@scasd.org.

    For Jump Rope For Heart website, visit www.heart.org/jump

    Click on the words Register Today or the “Jump Rope for Heart” logo

    Under Search For a Team – Type in your school name and City and State – click submit. When the list comes up, if there are several schools, pick the one with your teacher’s name. If it does not come up try typing in just part of the school name and pick a state – not city. Then click Join Team.

    Fill out the form. Pick a username & password SAVE THESE BELOW FOR LOGGING BACK IN LATER 

    Personal information – Fill out * items – although it is not required it is helpful if you type in your homeroom    teacher name and choose a t-shirt size

    Personalize Web Page Link – add an ending like your name – this is helpful if you want to email the link to take people directly to your web page

    Donation – in school, you can skip this; at home, your parents can donate now

    Online Waiver – you must check I Accept to continue – be sure you have parent’s consent – click Continue

    Click YES on security pop-up – then click x on Share with your friends – do this later when sending emails

    Confirmation comes up and you can now click to enter your Heartquarters

    IN YOUR HEARTQUARTERS – follow the Steps to Success to personalize your webpage & send emails


    Send Email: Click ASK FOR SUPPORT On the Right – type a greeting – Dear Grandma – under Recipient Email type the email address – if you want to send more than 5 use the Total Recipients drop down box to change the number up to 100 – edit the wording or use what is given – then click Send Email

    IF ON JUMP ROPE FOR HEART – You can also send emails by clicking on Jumpify Me on the Heartquarters page – follow the 4 steps to send an e-card to friends and family (An ecard is not available in Hoops for Heart at this time)

    Edit My PageTELL YOUR STORY You can change the message, font, color and even add your own photo or video to your webpage. Hit “SUBMIT” after you make changes. Then click Preview to see what it looks like to others. X out of preview to get back to the edit page if you want to make more changes.


    *YOU MUST CLICK VIEW MY REPORTS and print out the report*

    Turn in your report along with any cash, checks and matching gift confirmations in the collection envelope.

    Need help? Call the American Heart Association Customer Service 1-800-309-3466

Last Modified on January 31, 2024