• Circle Time
    We usually start our day with Circle Time.  This is our way of meeting together as a class to start off our day.  During circle time we read our mascot's journal, say the pledge, do the calendar, and share headline news.
    Reader's Workshop   
    Reader's Workshop is our main avenue for teaching language arts.  The children work in small groups with a teacher and focus on alphabet recognition, letter/sound relationships, sight word recognition, independent reading, guided reading, and phonemic awarenness activities (rhyming, syllabication, beginning /ending sounds).  Reader's Workshop looks different throughout the year to reflect the children's growth in these areas.
    Math Workshop
    In kindergarten we develop a strong conceptual understanding of mathematical processes through the Bridges curriculum. 
    When we ask children to write in kindergarten, we ask them to write the sounds they hear.  So if they attempt to write the word "boat" you would probably see "bot".   This phonics-based spelling helps children to write before they can read.  It develops their understanding of the sounds that letters and combinations of letters make.  Gradually, the children will use a combination of sound spelling and book spelling as they learn to read. 
Last Modified on August 24, 2020