• How can we contact the teacher? You can write a note and send it with your child, call the school office and leave a message (231-1185), or email me at mls39@scasd.org.

    lunch       How do I pay if my child buys lunch from the school cafeteria? Your child will have an account with the cafeteria. You can send in a check (made out to SCASD) for any amount and that will be deposited into your child's account. Please have the money in an envelope that is labeled with your child's name.  As your child buys lunches, the cafeteria manager subtracts the cost of the lunch from the account. If your child's account goes into a negative balance, the cafeteria manager will send home a note asking you to send in more money. Most people send in a check either at the beginning of the month or on Mondays.

    cafeWhen does my child eat lunch? Your child eats lunch every day at 12:10-12:45. Please feel free to join us any day. If you would like us to order a school lunch for you, please send a note with your child that morning indicating which lunch choice you would prefer. We will be having a snack every day about mid-morning. Please provide a snack for your child every day. It is a long time to go from breakfast to lunch time! I recommend a small, healthy snack (grapes, crackers, cheese, cereal, or other finger foods).

    cupcake My child has a birthday coming up. Can we send in a birthday treat? Absolutely! We usually have the treats after lunch. So feel free to send the treat with your child that day or join us for lunch and bring the treat then!

    What supplies does my child need to bring? You will be receiving a list of supply items needed this year.  Your child should bring a backpack to school every day. I will be giving your child a pocket folder that we will use to send notes and/or announcements back and forth. You will need to check that folder every day. One supply that we are often in need of is tissues especially during the "cold" season. If you would like to donate a box of tissues, that would be much appreciated!

    Will my child have recess every day? We do go out for recess every day except extremely cold days (below 15 degrees). Please send your child dressed for the weather.  Please send in gloves, hats, boots (when it snows) and snow pants if you have them. Please send shoes or sneakers with your child on the day that boots are worn to school.

    What if my child is going to be late for school? You should write a note to the teacher the day before or call the office that morning. This is especially important if your child will be buying a school lunch. We call in our lunch orders by 8:30am. Please make every effort to have your child arrive between 7:55am-8:05am.  Children are marked late if they arrive after 8:10am.

    What if my child will not be coming to school? You should call the SAS (Safe at School) phone number (231-1188) and leave a message. If a child is absent and a parent has not left a message on our answering machine, we will call your home to make sure that your child is indeed sick at home and has not gotten lost on the way to school.

    What if we are planning a family vacation and my child will miss school? If you plan to take a trip or make an appointment, please send a note to me ahead of time. Sometimes children will miss an important activity and we might be able to work around it. Trips require an educational trip form from the office, two weeks prior to your trip.

Last Modified on August 7, 2019