• Philosophy on Education

       I believe that the role of a teacher first and foremost is to help nurture a child’s innate desire to learn.  Without this desire all other efforts are in vain.  In everything we do as educators we must strive to excite students’ imagination, peak their curiosity, and foster their desire to inquire into the “why” that surrounds their world. I believe teachers need to inspire and challenge students to believe in themselves, think for themselves, and follow their dreams. 

       I believe that personal development is a complex and interactive integration of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. In order to fully understand and effectively guide students as educators we must be cognizant of and attentive to all facets of growth and their inherent interdependence.

       I believe that learning is social as well as individual and we cannot fully know what we believe until our beliefs are challenged and tested in larger social and cultural contexts.  As educators our role is to create the environment that allows for the interaction between the individual and the social, creating dynamic and dialectic relationships in which the sum total is greater than the individual parts. 

       I believe that people learn best when they are nurtured and challenged simultaneously.  I believe that the most powerful learning occurs when knowledge is learned through experience and integrated into the larger context of our individual lives.  I believe that we organize all information through the lens of our personal experience and without understanding the individual perspective we cannot, as educators, hope to affect the growth and development of our students.

       I feel duty-bound as a professional educator to help mold students’ into educated and independently minded citizens, capable of successful participation in democratic society.  I believe that developing their critical thinking and analytical skill set, self-confidence, and cooperation and interpersonal skills, while providing a safe and accepting environment is essential to success in these endeavors, and crucial to our future as a whole. 



Last Modified on December 15, 2016