• Ground Rules, Expectations, Advice, and General Housekeeping Policies

    In general here’s what you can expect from me, what I expect from you, and some suggestions to make your life easier (and your grade higher).


    Trust & Respect - I live by this.  I will trust you completely until you give me a reason not to.  I respect you as an individual and your opinions and ideas (as long as they are based on fact and you can intelligently justify them).  I expect the same common courtesy in return.  Always be respectful.  If you have a question, suggestion, or problem please bring it to me in an appropriate, respectful, and mature manner, and I will give it full consideration. 

    Community & Ownership – Our class is a community and how well that community works depends on all of us working together.  This a two way street: your willingness to take ownership of your learning and be a positive part of the class and our discussions, will determine the quality of those discussions and the quality of your classroom experience.  In short, we can have a great year, but it’s up to you to own it, and make it a reality. 

    Expectations of Students – I expect you to be trustworthy and honest.  I expect you to act with integrity in all situations.  I expect that you will be respectful of me, your classmates, and the classroom community.  I expect you to be organized, pay attention to detail, and be a self-sufficient and responsible individual.  I expect your active participation and engagement in class.  I expect your best effort.

    Class Conduct:

    1. Raise your hand before speaking.
    2. Respect others while they are speaking (including me).
    3. Ask only appropriate questions that relate to our discussion or lesson. 
    4. Be on time.
    5. Be prepared. 
    6. Do your work, on time.
    7. No electronics, unless I say so.
    How to make your life easier and your grade better:
    1. Put your name, class period, date, and topic on ALL of your work.
    2. Write neatly, in complete sentences, using proper spelling and grammar. Always.
    3. Be organizedKeep everything I give you, in order, with your name, period, and date on it.
    4. Pay attention to details. Take notes all the time! 
    5. Follow directions.  If you do everything that I ask you to, you’ll get a good grade. It’s that simple
    Reoccurring Themes:


    Causality (Cause and Effect)


    Cyclical Nature of History
    Rise and Fall of Civilizations/Empires 

    Critical Thinking

    Problem Solving

    Present-day Connections

    Being curious and asking questions is important.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask.



Last Modified on December 15, 2016