(Often parents say that their first graders respond "nothing" when asked "What did you do today?"  Here are some specific questions you can ask your first grader in the first weeks of school.)
    Ask your child about...
    *Who sits at your set?
    *What did you eat for lunch?
    *What did you do at recess today?  Who did you play with?
    *What was the best thing that happened today?  (Try to steer clear of the little negative comments and focus on the good things that certainly happened.  Remember, first graders will be VERY tired and grumpy for the first couple of weeks!)
    *What is your job for the week?
    *What did you do in math today?
    *Did you raise your hand to answer a question today?
    *Have you noticed a book in the classroom that you will want to read sometime this year?
    *Who got Dr. Porkchop today?
    *Who is Rasheed?
    *What was the temperature this morning?
    *Tell me about the Number Corner.
    *What did your classmates share today during Mascot and Sharing?
    * What's your favorite indoor recess activity?
    *Tell me about your Fast Plants.
    *What are you doing in STEM?
    *What's your favorite part of the new library?
    *Can you remember the joke of the day?
    *Did you do or say something kind today?
    *Tell me about the story the teacher read to the class.
    *What did you write about today?
    *Can you tell me what PAWS stands for?




Last Modified on December 3, 2019