• Homework in Room 10
    Every student in 5th grade has been given and  is expected to use an assignment book. The purpose of this book is to provide an opportunity for each student to be primarily responsible for writing down and taking home the assignments discussed in school. This also allows them to set time management goals and to begin structuring and organizing their time in order to fulfill the homework that is needed to be completed and still allow time for other activities.
    In our room, a chart and/or a calendar is filled out weekly and/or daily with assignments and special events noted.   Assignments are reviewed when they are assigned and expectations regarding the assignments and due dates are discussed.   

    If students forget what they have for homework, they should:
    1. Look in their assignment book.
    2. Call a friend. I encourage students to have a homework buddy who will explain the assignment should they miss class for whatever reason.
    3. Talk to the teacher the next day and remember to be more careful and descriptive in their assignment book, so that they can avoid this situation the next time.

    Expectations - Weekly Homework

    Math - Homework may be assigned Monday-Thursday. There will also be notes that will "announce" when a quiz or test will be given to allow the student the opportunity to study or review before the assessment.  **If a child is consistently working more than 30 minutes a night on homework or is increasingly frustrated, please send in a note or write an email so I may monitor this and make adjustments as needed.   If a child is 'making up' classwork or homework due to an absence or missing a class, there may be a need for additional time - but that should be an exception, not a rule.

    Reading/Writing - Your child should be spending 20-30 minutes reading every night. There may be reading assignments throughout the week and often there are reading "goals" that are discussed and practiced all throughout the year.  The students are "challenged" to read at least 400 minutes/month.  Upon completing 400 minutes of reading at home, I will have ribbons we will attach to our reading "book mark" that will indicate if they have met or exceeded this challenge.   Writing homework varies - at times there may be "project writing" that needs some attention every night with a final due date listed.
    Ongoing Projects - Your child may have various projects in Social Studies and Science depending on the unit of study and time of year. Please check their assignment book weekly for more specific information pertaining to these projects.
Last Modified on October 27, 2017