• Facilities Update to the Board on October 22, 2012
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    1) Memorial Field 2012
    A) During the week of October 15, 2012, State College Area School District physical plant employees separated the portion of the East Bleachers impacted by the threat of additional subsidence (north) from the portion on firm footing (south). (Pictures are included on page 6). As of October 19, a contractor was progressing on work to weld new railing at the end of the usable section. Chain link fencing will be installed to match the existing condition. It is anticipated that this work will be completed by October 22. Finally, the abandoned bleacher section will be secured, prior to inspection for an occupancy permit. This potentially opens the south portion of bleachers on October 24. This project was made possible through the help of the Centre Region Code office, by both visiting the site and offering an expedited review of drawings.

    In addition to this work, temporary bracing will be added to the fence at the West Bleacher. This fence has deteriorated severely and the additional spectators along this fence have both accelerated the metal failure and increased concern over safety. Finally, signage will be installed to ask spectators to stay off the fence.

    The seating diagram for the final 2 varsity Football games is on page 7.
    B) The now separated north portion of the East Bleacher, needs to be removed. This section would not be a candidate for rehabilitation. Additionally, equipment access to this entire area will be needed to excavate and investigate the sinkhole. Hoffman Architecture has prepared demolition drawings for Code review, and we have sought permission to advertize a bid. With the holidays approaching and other tasks being dependent on this work being completed, we would like to
    authorize a contractor to execute this project between November 13 and November 30.
    2) Memorial Field 2013
    A) Tom Skibinski from Crawford Palumbo Skibinski will present an update on the West Bleacher project. (see attachment on page 8) The updated design estimate for this part of the project is $2,043,602.00. A table of this cost along with costs related to other considerations for 2013 work is included later in this memo. If authorized, the project would be bid during the winter season, with construction beginning as weather allows. Completion for the bleacher portion of the project is planned for August of 2013.

    As a sub-phase to this portion of the project, planning has proceeded around a series of concrete storage vaults. Pictures from a similar installation on the PSU campus are attached for reference. (see pictures on page 9) These vaults are being sized to hold the amount of water equal to a storm event that completely covers the field surface. They would then meter the flow of water to the sinkhole at a rate that is within its capacity. This will prevent nearly all of the flooding that occurs on the field. The system would fail, and the field would flood, if 2 large-scale flooding events would occur back-to-back. The updated estimate for this part of the project is $978,587.00.

    B) Mark Whitfield, Director of Public Works for State College Borough, will discuss proposed repairs to the sinkhole.

    Acknowledging that the sinkhole is vital to the management of storm water in the area, State College Borough has committed to repair the problem. The Borough’s public works department has completed this type of work previously and will work with the district’s consultants on this project. This work is planned for the winter of 2012-13.

    C) After the sinkhole is repaired, it is envisioned that the potential exists for some temporary bleachers on the east side of Memorial field for the 2013 season. No work has been completed to date in terms of feasibility, capacity or cost. Future updates could detail this information if desired.

    D) The 2003 artificial turf surface at Memorial Field is nearing the end of its planned life. Actual field conditions suggest that this surface should be replaced soon. If the West Bleacher and Sinkhole Remediation projects are completed during the 2013 calendar year, significant portions of the turf will be disturbed. Considering all factors, replacement of the entire surface, in lieu of removing and replacing the impacted areas, is advisable. Gateway School District (suburban Pittsburgh) recently completed a replacement of their similar surface for approximately $450,000. Based on inflation and particular issues that may be encountered at Memorial Field, we have included $600,000 as a planning estimate.

    E) Administration has studied the feasibility of locker rooms in the Fairmount Avenue basement near Nittany Avenue. This area is currently occupied by Physical Plant and will be vacated with Phase 1 of the Panorama Village Building conversion. (A preliminary, working drawing is attached on page 10 for reference.) The schematic design estimate for this project is approximately $800,000.

    F) Based on the above information, a chart of Memorial Field costs is included. It is recommended that the Board authorize the West Bleacher project and Field Surface replacement, while endorsing the State College Borough sinkhole repair, and deferring the storm water detention and Fairmount Locker Rooms. Action on these items could be taken on either November 12 or 26, 2012.
    Potential Costs  
    3) Memorial Field beyond 2013
    While not requiring action immediately, it is prudent to note that the approved schematic design for a Memorial Field renovation is no longer valid. Several courses of action could be debated at future meetings, including but not limited to:
    A) Plan for temporary bleachers to replace those removed
    B) Plan for complete East Bleacher and Press Box replacement without amenities
    C) Authorize and fund locker room renovations to the Fairmount Avenue Building
    D) Contract for amendments to the Memorial Field Schematic Design
    E) Include Memorial Field discussions in concert with High School planning discussions as updates to the District Wide Facilities Master Plan.
    Board Update on Memorial Field October 8, 2012

    Presentation to Board  (PDF 19.5mb)

    Board update on Memorial Field May 21, 2012
    : (PDF)

    Ed Poprik, director, Office of Physical Plant, recommended that the board authorize administration to defer construction of the restroom building for the west bleachers. While more study is needed, savings could exceed $500,000. The Phase 1 work, including design of the West Bleacher portion, is projected to be ready for bidding in the fall of 2012. The estimated total cost of Phase 1 is $3.9 million, and in the end has very little impact on the student athletes. Reducing costs could enable considerations for accelerated student‐focused improvements. At future meetings, Mr. Poprik will share future costs and how some might be deferred. Dr. O’Donnell said the Citizens Advisory Committees for Facilities and for Finance will be brought in to obtain their thinking, as well as community members.
    Memorial Field- Based on direction from the Board, design of the West Bleacher portion of the Memorial Field project continues to progress. This Phase 1 work is projected to be ready for bidding in the fall of 2012, with construction projected for the summer of 2013. The Board has authorized funding for design, but not yet for construction.
    Several concerns have prompted Administration to recommend the deferral of the restroom building included in this phase of the project. The cost of Phase 1 is substantial, with an estimated total cost of $3.9 million. When considered against the many other ongoing facility concerns faced by the district and the financial challenges they present, reducing costs is the primary rationale for presenting this recommendation. Additionally, the lack of impact on the student athlete presented in the Phase 1 work is a concern. While more study is needed, savings could exceed $500,000.
    Reducing costs at this point could enable considerations for accelerated student-focused improvements.
    Memorial Field
    Work has been proceeding on the design development for the west bleacher project. As part of the approval process, a variance was needed to complete the restroom portion of this phase. This need arose from zoning requirements for the front yard setback, which was determined to be 22 feet 6 inches, and the side yard setback, which is 6 feet. As depicted in the schematic design, and due to nature of the property, the restroom facility could not be constructed with these setbacks.
    Consequently, the district sought relief through a variance. A public hearing was conducted on January 10, and then reopened on January 24, 2012. Based on consideration of the applicable laws, the variance requested by the district was granted on February 13, 2012. (Attachments depicting the restroom structure and its location are included.)
    The next step in our approval process will be to present plans to the State College Borough Architectural Review Committee, which we project will occur on March 28, 2012. Following this, we will begin the CRCA Code review process, which could take 60 days. After all approvals are met, final bidding documents will be developed.
    All things considered, June would be our earliest projected bid date. Based on this date, and the potential disruption to fall sports, we intend to proceed with the approval process as planned, but hold consideration of bidding until late fall, which would then push construction to early 2013 (calendar year).
    Coordinating this project with a potential field surface replacement project that was envisioned for the summer of 2013 needs further development. The Board will receive further updates, as the project proceeds and will ultimately be asked to approve funding prior to the release of any bid documents.
    Board Update January 2012
    January 2012 - The District is completing final design for a west bleacher (Fraser St.) project.  This project would replace the failing bleacher on that side of the stadium, add handicapped accessibility, and add restroom facilities that currently do not exist.
    The district is seeking a variance from the property line setback requirements for construction of the restroom facility.  This is needed due to the limited space available in that area.  A hearing was held on January 10, and has been continued to January 24.  Renderings of the proposed facility are attached.
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