English Department Lists of Literary Titles and Themes



    The inclusion of specific titles and themes on each of the following lists reflects the consensus reached by grade-level teachers during the annual review of their specific course's literature offerings. Placement within categories is based on agreement about which titles may be taught as well as how they may be used in classroom instruction.



    Category 1 -

    These are titles that have been approved for use as required reading for an entire class. These texts have been reviewed by several teachers and a librarian or reading specialist and/or have traditionally been included in our planned courses of study.


    Category 2 -

    These titles may be used only as optional/student choice selections. These books have been reviewed by individual teachers who have determined that they should be made available to students during units of study that involve small-group rather than whole-class instruction.


    Independent Reading

    We strongly encourage students to read texts that interest them and to expand their reading experiences to multiple genres and perspectives.  We do not keep a list of independent reading texts, but we offer rich texts through our school libraries and classroom collections.  


    To access grade-level lists, please click on the following:

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    8th-Grade Booklist

    9th Grade Booklist


    12th Grade Booklist 






Last Modified on January 18, 2023