English Department Summer Reading Recommendations

    In the past, the English Department has developed summer reading lists for our middle- and high-school students.
    It is suggested that students read a minimum of two books this summer.  It would be ideal if they read more!  The libraries will allow students to check out up to five books for the summer and there are great options for e-books as well as audiobooks that students can access anytime.  This year, we are suggesting that students use the SCASD library page for links and helpful information about book selection.  There are even ebook and an audiobook options.  Click here to go to the library page. 

    We encourage parents and guardians to participate in this activity with their students.

    Students will not be tested on these books when they return to school in September. As a beginning activity, they may be asked to record the titles they have read over the summer in a book log.









Last Modified on September 29, 2017