• Alla Prima Auction

    Posted by DANIELLE CROWE on 11/10/2012 6:00:00 PM
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  • The Colors of Music Mural Painting

    Posted by ROBERT PLACKY on 4/30/2012
    This year State High Fine Art Club and National Arts Honor Society were able to help create the "Colors of Music" Mural located in downtown in State College. Students visited the downtown studio as a club and helped paint the panels of the mural.
    The purpose of the "Colors of Music" Mural is to create a community arts project withinvolvement, support, and investment of State College and UniversityPark communities. In doing this, the Community Arts Collective simultaneously invigorates localaffinities while providing an enduring and beautiful work of art, oneto which many individuals and organizations within our town may layclaim. Successful community arts based projectsresonate with the site in context, engage the community, meet thecommunity’s needs, and create a sense of civic and community pride. Theyalso enable local residents and visitors to have an artistic connectionto a particular place. This project was designed to bring individualsfrom different walks of life, backgrounds, ages and interests togetherto participate in the creation an artwork meaningful and unique to StateCollege. Individuals and organizations who do not normally associatewith each other will collaborate to create a shared vision for this area– a sense of place and a pride in it, bringing meaning to and expandingthe sense of community for all involved. We will begin to foster ourideas from a simple prompt/theme "The Colors of Music". So far the muralwill integrate mosaic, painting and 3D elements, in a public artworkthat will allow all participants to contribute to the shaping of publicidentity and to beautify downtown State College for many decades tocome.
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  • The Colors of Music Unveiling

    Posted by ROBERT PLACKY on 4/30/2012
    It was a beautiful sunny day in State College at the Colors of Music Mural unveiling. The Fine Arts Club and National Arts Honor Society were able to set up a table for the community member to participate in art making activities. Kids and adults were able to decorate music themed glasses to continue the visualize music in the same theme of the mural.
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  • State High Lip-Dup

    Posted by ROBERT PLACKY on 3/5/2012
    Check out the State High Fine Art Club and National Art Honor Society getting ready and participating in the State High Lip Dub video!
    Check it out!
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