• Mrs. Donna Kondash teaches 4th grade.
    Mrs. Kondash is a graduate of
    The Pennsylvania State University
    and has attended
    Duquesne University prior
    to beginning her
    work in elementary education
    at Penn State.
    She has worked at Corl Street Elementary
    since 1984 and has also served as a
    private tutor for many years.
    In her spare time, Mrs. Kondash enjoys
    gardening, watercolor painting, writing,
    reading, cross-stitching, scrapbooking, crafts,
    and traveling with her children.
     She has been visited Asia, Africa, and Europe
       and hopes to visit South America 
     sometime soon! 
    Someday Mrs. Kondash would like to be
    an exchange teacher (hopefully in Japan),
    continue to travel the world, and to write, illustrate
    and publish inspirational and educational books.
    Room 9 is a happy place to learn and work.
Last Modified on August 19, 2016