Course: Y318 

    General Expectations and Routines:  Normas y Expectativas

    You are EXPECTED to ...

    • arrive on time.
    • bring writing utensils.
    • keep a folder, notebook or binder OR set up an electronic Google Drive folder and name it "Spanish 2".
    • bring your district or personal laptop ...and make sure it is CHARGED
    • respect the academic family and surroundings (i.e. personal property, space, furniture, etc.
    • participate: It's about being an active, engaged learner!
    • keep cell phones in your backpacks until direct instruction is finished.


    Most commun electronic dictionary (for specific vocabulary needs) : http://www.wordreference.com/es
     W.L. Online Translator Policy*: O.T.P.   
    *AVOID use of online translators...for many reasons. I can tell in students' written work. How? The red alert goes up when I see structures, patterns, vocab. and/or grammar used by a novice learner, but way beyond our level 1 or 2 curriculum (i.e. never taught, let alone mastered!)...


    Student handbook: 2021-22

    Tips for any discipline (time management, study skills, etc.) :
Last Modified on August 31, 2021