• Business Law Syllabus

    Instructor: Mr. Kissell
    Phone: 231-1145
    Email: jak12@scasd.org
    Course Number: 653
    Course Title:
    Business Law (Social Studies Credit)

    Catalog Description

    This is a semester course. Interested in your personal and business legal rights and duties? Business Law topics of study include taxes, crimes, torts, misdemeanors, court systems, contracts employment, landlord and tenant and family law. Students conduct a mock trial using correct courtroom procedure. Supplemental activities may include field trips to the courthouse and the jailhouse, guest speakers and videos. Any student interested in law, law enforcement, protective services, business or political science should gain great knowledge from this course.


    Showcase Portfolio

    Items could include but are not limited to: 
    • List of books and brief summary of each
    • Book report
    • Research Paper
    • Essay on Video
    • Tests
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Song written
    • Crossword puzzle
    • Word search
    • Video Tape
    • Burn DVD 
    • Web Site
    • Rubric
    • Oral presentation
    • Debate
    • Jeopardy
    • Enactment
    • Interview with a student
    • Collage related to a particular topic  


    Goals and/or Objectives

    This course has been designed for the student:

    • To recognize the importance of our laws and legal system.
    • To recognize the importance and application of ethics in business and in our daily lives.
    • To recognize the importance of amendments.
    • To distinguish between civil and criminal law.
    • To recognize the elements and importance of contracts.
    • To be able to conduct a mock trial.
    • To analyze current events and how they relate to the law.


    Unit 1: Our Legal System. Our laws and legal system and types of law

    Unit 2: Business Ethics -- Right and wrong -- how are ethics expressed in our law      

    Unit 3: Laws, Crimes and Amendments (Chapters 3-4-5) Foundations of our court system, Amendments, Division of balance and power

    Unit 4: U.S. Court Systems-Dispute Resolutions, Local, State and Federal courts

    Unit 5: Criminal Laws and Procedure

    Unit 6: Civil Law/Cyber Law

    Unit 7: Contract and Acceptance

    Unit 8: Wills and Trusts

    Unit 9: Landlord and Tenant rights

    Unit 10: Mock Trial


    Evaluation Procedures

    Students will take exams, create presentations, give oral and written presentations, critique videos, create enrichment activities and participate in a mock trial.



    LAW FOR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL USE, 15th Edition, SouthWestern Publishing Company, Cincinnati, OH, 2000.

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