•  8th Grade Orange Team Civics and Economics
    Mrs. Howley - Room 246

    Course Description:
    Civics is essential for active participation by informed citizens. The civics part of the course will emphasize a study of government and individual rights and responsibilities. Students will explore the structure of the federal government, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, and the organization of state and local governments. Students will develop the skills to make informed decisions, to resolve conflicts peacefully, to articulate and defend positions, and to engage in the civic and political life of their communities.

    Building Citizenship: Civics and Economics, McGraw Hill, 2013. You may borrow a textbook overnight, but it must be signed out with Mrs. Howley.
    In addition to the text, we will be using many outside primary and secondary resources.  Students will have varied instruction, including lecture, self-discovery, research, simulation, cooperative and independent assignments, and various types of media.  We will also emphasize reading comprehension strategies, note taking methods, study skills, critical thinking skills, and expository research and writing.

    Civics Units of Study:

    • Freedom, Citizenship, and Government
    • Foundations of Government
    • The Constitution
    • The Bill of Rights
    • Three Branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch
    • Political Parties, Voting, and Elections
    • State and Local Government
    • Civil and Criminal Law


    • Student Expectations:
      Students are required to maintain an organized system of notes.  They may choose any system that works best for them, they will have the opportunity to learn several different methods of note taking.

    1.  Students should have a marble covered notebook and use a folder for handouts. 

    Students are to bring their glasses,Charged Chromebooks, writing implement, and assignment book to class everyday.  This is part of their participation grade. Each student will begin the quarter with 50 points. Each time a student is unprepared they will lose 2 points.

    Student's grades will be determined on a total point's system.  As assignments and assessments are graded for both accruacy and completion and recorded, students and parents may check grades through the online portal.   At the end of the marking period, students will receive a final letter grade based on their accumulated average.  Letter grades will be assigned based on the school district's grading scale.

    All homework will be graded: It is graded for accuracy and completion.  All homework grades are part of the total points. If the student chooses not to complete an assignment when it is due the student will earn a (0) zero. If the student turns in an assignment after 2 weeks it will be marked as late they may earn 1/2 credit. If a student is absent the student will have a 2 week grace period to turn in the assignment. Work will only be accepted in this manor.
    N.B.: Late Work
    Late work (projects, long term assignments) will be accepted, however 5 points will be deducted from the grade earned for everyday the project or long term assignment is late)

    Classroom Expectations:
    1.  Raising your hand before speaking

    2. Active Listening with respect for the teacher and your fellow classmates.

    3. Ask appropiate questions related to our discussion.

    4,  Being prepared with your glasses; pencil; notebook; Charged Chromebook; & folder.

    5. Being on Time, Rest Room breaks before class starts or wait until the very end of class.

    6. Do your own work and turn it in on time.

    7. Following the Academic Integrity Policy: https://www.scasd.org/cms/lib/PA01000006/Centricity/Domain/86/Policy243.pdf

    How to make your life easier:

    1. Put your name, class period, & date on ALL of your work

    2. Follow the directions, write neatly with complete sentences, thoughts, puncutation, spelling & capitalization.

    3. Take Notes

    4. Embrace these tips and you will earn a good grade.

    Contact Information:
    Email:  lgh12@scasd.org I will check e-mail until 8 p.m.
    Phone numbers: 272-4050 (MNMS Main Office), 272-8732 Mrs. Howley - School voice mail.

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