• Fall, 2013

    Dear Parent,

    In grades 3, 4 and 5 in the State College Area School District, your child has access to laptop computers, the Internet, Google Docs, a school email account, SCoodle (course management system) and other electronic resources.  Through the integration of this technology into their day to day activities, students can do research, communicate with classmates and the teacher, and collaborate with each other on projects and activities.

    I feel that learning how to use email and digital communication and collaboration tools at school in an environment that is filtered and supervised is an exciting way to motivate kids to write, and provides many opportunities for enhancing their educational experience.  These tools will give students the opportunity to participate in activities such as:
    ·      Sharing work for a group project        
    ·      Asking a student or teacher a question about school related topics
    ·      Answering questions related to school work            
    ·      Getting assignments or handouts from teachers, or peers
    ·      Communicating with other schools for collaborative projects with teacher approval
    ·      Communicating with experts for school related work with teacher approval            
    ·      Accessing schoolwork at home

    In addition to teaching our students how to use these digital tools, I will be discussing the student version of our Online Acceptable Use Policy (attached) and the importance of being good digital citizens.

    I am very excited about the experiences that your child will have this year using the technological resources available!  Please let me know if you have any questions about the use of technology in my classroom.

                Mrs. Battaglia
Last Modified on August 28, 2013