• Practice and Competition Attendance Requirements

    A Little Lion athlete should regard his/her attendance at all SCASD practices and competitions as a very high priority. Two reasons support this expectation:

    First, given that the competition is extremely keen among SCASD students to be selected for a position on a team's roster or to achieve a starting role on one of our teams, it is expected that students who are successful in gaining these opportunities utilize their participation to its fullest capacity. Missing practice or competition may hinder an athlete's individual skill, attitude and knowledge development; weaken his/her role on the team; and affect the team's performance and chances for success.

    Secondly, PIAA By-Laws base an athlete's post-season eligibility upon attendance at his/her school's practices and competitions: Article IX, Section 5 states, "A student who participates as an individual or as a member of a team in a sport in an athletic program other than that of the student's school, who is enrolled at a school having a team in that sport, shall be ineligible to participate in the District or Inter-District Championship Contests in that sport unless the student has been in uniform and available to participate as a member of the student's school team in that sport for at least 75% of the regular season contests…and if a student's practice in an athletic program other than that of the student's school does not meet the practice requirements of the student's school as determined by the Principal, the student shall be ineligible to participate in the District or Inter-District Championship Contests in that sport."

    1. Circumstances generally approved by the SCASD for absence from school (illness/injury, religious observance, educational trip, co-curricular field trip, special academic pursuit, family commitment or doctor's appointment).

    Athletes should always communicate an upcoming absence as far in advance as possible to the head coach.

    Because of the broad scope of district activities, conflicts may occur between an athletic event and another SCASD-sponsored activity. When a conflict occurs, the athlete and coach should work out a solution that will be in the best interest of the student-athlete utilizing these criteria:
    • The relative importance of each event...
    • The importance of each event to the student...
    • The contribution the student can make to each activity...
    • When the events were scheduled...
    Once the decision has been made, the student will not be penalized by the coach or sponsor of the event not chosen; however, playing time or starting restrictions may be imposed as appropriate to the situation.
    2. Missing any beginning-of-the-season try-out or practice sessions because of family vacation only when the athlete provides written notice of his/her plans to the head coach at least one week prior to the first day of official practice/try-out. In addition, the athlete must be in attendance for his/her try-out session(s) for teams that make cuts before the final squad selection has been made.

    3. Participation in the practice, inter-school practice, scrimmage or competition of another program in the same sport during the same season when these requirements have been met:

    • The Principal, with the agreement of the head coach, waives the requirement of Article IX, Section 5 because of the student's failure to meet the 75% requirement results from illness, injury or the student's failure to meet another PIAA eligibility rule.

    • The Principal, with agreement of the head coach, determines that practice in the athletic program other than that of the student's school meets the practice requirement of the school.
Last Modified on August 27, 2012