Radio Park Parent Involvement Policy 2019-2020


    We believe that children learn best and achieve the most when both, the home and the school, team together to provide the social and academic support necessary for successful growth.  We all share in the education of our children.


         Parents will guide their children by monitoring attendance, homework, and TV viewing.  Also, according to district and state standards, parents are expected to read to their children, as well as listen to their children read.  Parents are encouraged to communicate comments, questions, and concerns to their Title 1 teachers, classroom teachers, and support personnel.


         Title 1 teachers will instruct, model, guide, and help students practice reading strategies and skills through the use of leveled reading books, and other appropriate grade level reading programs that meet the needs of each child.  Title 1 teachers will communicate on a regular basis with parents.


         Students will read at home every day to improve their reading fluency and practice their reading strategies and skills.  Students will be responsible for returning “take home” materials on time and in good condition. Students will be especially responsible about taking home and returning to school their Reading Club bags. 


    Together, our goal is to have children become lifelong learners who love learning, reading, and books!



    Revised October 2020



Last Modified on March 20, 2020