• What does Reading look like in Room 158?


    I believe in exposing children to a variety of literature options, while providing instruction in the skills necessary to become fluent readers. Students should be reading daily, both in home and at school. 
    Students will be given time to read choice books as well as be exposed to a variety of different genres.They will have the opportunity to read individually and in small groups. Each student will set reading goals and reflect on reading units. We will keep Reader's Notebooks where we will keep track of books, notes from mini-lessons, and write reading responses.

    In addition to reading in school each day, students are expected to read at home each night.  We will not be using reading logs at home to keep track of our minutes.  We will pledge together- students, parents, and teachers- to read every single night, and to ENJOY our reading!  Make sure that you have a good spot at home to "get lost in the reading zone"!  To learn more, please, read our no reading log letter: No Reading Letter

Last Modified on August 19, 2018