abc General Information

    Children are allowed into the building at 7:55am. However, we do not start instruction (or consider a student tardy) until 8:10am. Dismissal begins at 2:55pm with the buses being dismissed first. I will dismiss the walkers a few minutes before the rest of the school.

    Specials Schedule
    The children will have 50 minutes of a special class each day. Please help your child remember to wear sneakers and appropriate clothing on gym day. Also, it is important that the children remember to return their library books on time. Thanks for your help! 

    Make sure that your child brings a backpack to school every day. Please check your child's backpack each day for their take home folder. One side of the folder will have papers that can stay at home. The other side will have papers that you need to sign and send back to school.

    We will be having 45 minutes of outside recess each day, weather permitting. Please have your child dress accordingly. In order to foster independence, select coats and boots that your child can handle with the least amount of assistance from adults.

    The students will eat lunch from 11:30am to 12:00pm. If your child will be buying lunch at school please go over the menu choices for that day with your child. Each child will have an account with the cafeteria that you can deposit money into with a check or cash. Please keep track of your account balance so your child has enough money to cover lunches.

    The children may bring a snack for themselves to be eaten mid morning. If your child would like to celebrate their birthday with a special snack please send a note to let me know ahead of time.

    Sharing Day
    Every Friday will be sharing day. Your child may bring in one item to share and play with during choice time. Students may bring in a toy, picture, book, etc that he/she is comfortable sharing with others. Please help your child choose something that is not fragile or valuable. It may not be an electronic device or a pretend weapon. Please help your child remember to bring in something they would like to share.

Last Modified on August 19, 2019