pencils Daily Routines

    Our day consists of a variety of activities that last about 30 minutes. During the day there are teacher directed lesson and student choice activities. Below you will find a brief description of the activities we do in Kindergarten.
    Arrival Activities
    When the students arrive at school they hang up backpacks, sign in, give Mrs. Burgess their take home folder, wash hands, do attendance, and do lunch count. Then they play on the front carpet, read in the book center or draw pictures until all the students arrive.

    apple Morning Meeting
    We start our day with a morning meeting. We do a morning greeting, say the pledge, sing songs, share headline news, and read a big book.

    grapes Snack
    The students are asked to bring in a healthy snack every day. We spend about five minutes eating a mid-morning snack.

    book Reader's Workshop
    Reader's Workshop is are our main avenue for teaching language arts. The children work in small groups or one on one with a teacher and focus on alphabet recognition, letter/sound relationships, sight word recognition, guided reading, and phonemic awareness activities (rhyming, syllabication, beginning /ending sounds). Reader's Workshop looks different throughout the year to reflect the children's growth in these areas.

    math Math Workshop
    In kindergarten we develop a strong conceptual understanding of mathematical processes through the use of manipulatives. We use small groups, whole class lessons, and independent stations to practice patterning, sorting, counting, graphing, comparing, estimating, addition, subtraction and problem solving.

    pencil Kid Writing
    We write every day in Kindergarten. When the children write, we ask them to write the sounds they hear. So if they attempt to write the word "boat" you would probably see "bot". This phonics-based spelling helps children to write before they can read. It develops their understanding of the sounds that letters and combinations of letters make. Gradually, the children will use a combination of sound spelling and book spelling as they learn to read.

    abc Choice Time
    During choice time the students may choose from a variety of centers set up around the room. The centers include arts and crafts, house center, math centers, books, puzzles, etc. The centers meet the needs of all children. Choice time helps develop independence and social skills.

    recess Recess
    We go out for recess almost every day for 45 minutes.

    globe Social Studies
    We will focus on community, families, neighborhoods and geography. Social Studies is integrated into Morning Meeting, Reader's Workshop and Choice Time.
Last Modified on August 19, 2019