• PFMS Counseling Staff
    Mrs. Suzanne Thompson, Grade 6 Counselor
    Mr. Craig Herzing Grade 7 Counselor
    Mrs. Jackie Gum, Grade 8 Counselor
    Rachel L 
    School Psychologist:  
    Phone number: 814-237-5304
    FAX number: 814-231-3908
    The Park Forest Middle School Counseling Office would like to welcome you to the 2024-2025 school year.  We hope you will experience a successful and exciting year. We are extremely fortunate to have three full-time counselors, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Herzing, and Mrs. Gum at Park Forest Middle School. Please see the grade level assignments listed below.  Mrs. Kathy Derr is our counseling secretary.
       As counselors, we are here to help students with various social, emotional, and academic issues.  Students come to our office to help solve conflicts with friends, discuss ways to be more successful in school, sign up for AREA, make schedule changes, enjoy lunch groups, and participate in counseling groups. The entire counseling staff works extremely hard to help make the school environment a welcoming and safe place for everyone. 

    We encourage students to use their SCASD accounts to email counselors with any concerns, thoughts, or questions they may have. 

                We want to make sure that all students know our doors are always open, and students are welcome to come in whenever they feel the need.  Please remember you are always welcome to come to the Counseling Office, and we would like to make communication as easy as possible by using email contact as another option. 

    Mrs. Suzanne Thompson  Grade 6 sxt23@scasd.org
    Mr. Craig Herzing Grade 7 cjh21@scasd.org
    Mrs. Jackie Gum  Grade 8 jrf27@scasd.org
    Dr. Rachel Lago    School Psychologist rml17@scasd.org
    Mrs. Kathy Derr  Secretary  khd11@scasd.org 
Last Modified on June 5, 2024