• How Parents Can Help


    Family involvement in a student's education results in success for the student. Home-school collaboration is an important aspect of SWPBS. At Spring Creek Elementary, we are working to maintain clear behavioral expectations and consistent acknowledgment of the positive behaviors that are displayed by our students.
     A Role For Parents
    • Help teach your children the importance of school-wide expectations at home, at school, and in the community.
    • Support with teaching of and reinforcement of expectations in home and community settings.
    • Assist with school efforts to advertise the program to the community.
    • Work to gather community resources (earn funds, canvas local merchants for participation) for creating and maintaining the program.
    • Take part in the instruction and acknowledgment system if your child is part of a classroom or individual intervention program.
    • Celebrate your child’s successes!
    Show kindness, Take responsibility, Act safely, Respect everyone
    Tips for parents were adapted from Dee, C.C., & Boyle, J. (2006). Positive behavior supports (PBS): Tips for parents and educators. NASP Communique, 45 (2). Retrieved from www.nasponline.org.
Last Modified on September 2, 2019