•  Learning Support Services

    What services do we provide for our students?

    • Summertime: assistance with scheduling

    • Provision of direct instruction addressing IEP goals and objectives during Study Skills, for which they earn up to .50 elective credits per semester (up to  1.0 elective credits per year)

    • Assist students in gaining a better understanding of their individual strengths and needs, and in turn, how these strengths and needs relate to their own learning

    • Assistance with organization of course materials

    • Maintenance of an assignment book

    • Assistance with assignment completion

    • Clarification of assignment or assessment directions

    • Assistance with long-term projects

    • Clarification of concepts not understood in general education classes (re-teaching)

    • Assistance with the development of test-taking skills and strategies

    • Assistance with test preparation, such as the completion of study guides

    • Assistance with scheduling in conjunction with counselors


    What do we expect of our students?

    • Complete homework assignments prior to Study Skills so that specific questions and skill areas may be addressed and remediated

    • Maintenance of a daily assignment book or other organization system

    • Development of self-advocacy skills


Last Modified on August 28, 2023