How to order Die Cuts


    Place your order: print the DIE CUT ORDER FORM, fill in the item description, item number, quantity, color and paper. Send it interoffice mail to Tiffany King, c/o Print Shop Ellison Die cutting services.

    Special Education Department
    Transition Work Experience Die-Cutting Service

    The SCASD Transition program is pleased to announce the Die-Cutting Service for all school district employees. This service provides the opportunity for Special Education Students in the Special Education Program of transition age to gain work experience in a print shop setting by filling orders placed by SCASD employees.

    This service allows you to order die-cuts needed for your use in classrooms and buildings without you having to do the work. The only expense for this service is the cost of the paper from the print shop that you want used for each of the die cuts. Colors of available paper can be found in the Print Shop on the shelves near the large gray copiers. If help in finding a certain paper is needed, you can ask a print shop employee for assistance. However, you may provide your own paper when you send in your order form.

    Orders can be placed by printing and completing the Order Form (see link above) and sending it by interoffice mail to Tiffany King, c/o Print Shop Ellison Die-cut services.
    If you have any questions about this service, please contact Tiffany King or  Lydia Everhart.

Die Cuts

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Last Modified on December 12, 2023