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    When teaching the STAR expectations to students, we explain what each behavior looks like or sounds like. Talking with your child about these expectations and what they mean in your home and in the community can help to create consistency across environments.
    Show kindness 
    Kind behaviors include using kind words and actions, greeting people in the hallway, including others, taking turns, and playing fair.
    Take responsibility
    Responsible behaviors include personal best, cleaning up personal space, using materials properly, speaking up if there is bullying behavior, and being honest (admitting and learning from mistakes).
    Act safely
    Safe behaviors include keeping hands and feet to self, walking in the hallway, staying seated while on the bus, following adult directions, and using the playground equipment properly.
    Respect everyone
    Respectful behaviors include working cooperatively, using "put-ups," listening while others speak, maintaining personal space, using good manners, waiting for a turn, and following adult directions.
Last Modified on October 3, 2012