• When you or a friend need help:  The Student Assistance Program can help.
    Do you know someone who is 
    • often sad or angry?
    • dieting all the time?
    • experimenting with drugs? alcohol? prescription drugs?
    • falling apart at school?
    • suffering from verbal, sexual, or physical abuse from an older sibling, a parent, or a relative?
    • is thinking about running away from home?
    • is thinking about hurting himself or herself?
    SAP can help.    
    What is SAP?  SAP is a program dedicated to helping students who are having problems in or out of school. There are several ways to a student can help a friend in need:
    1. Tell an adult (teacher, counselor, administrator, staff member, or parent) who can contact the counseling office and/or make a SAP referral.
    2. Make an anonymous SAP referral yourself.  (Drop off a note in the box outside the counseling office)
    3. Encourage your friend to talk with a counselor.
    4. Fill out a referral card and turn it in to the counseling office.  You can get a card from the main office, the counseling office, the nurse, the library or click here to access online SAP Referral.
     SAP Involvement Consent
    Information for Parents
    Step 1 
    SAP Involvement Consent
    Information for Parents
    Step 2
     SAP Parent Permission
    SAP Permission to Evaluate Form 
    SAP Parent Questionnaire  SAP Liaison Consent Form 


     If you need more information for students or parents,  follow the links below: 
    • Drugfree.org - This partnership is a drug abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resource.
    Do you need to talk now? 
    (Centre County)
     24 hour Hot Line
     Clear Concepts
    Centre County
    MH/MR D&A
    Community Help Centre
    24 hour Hot Line
    Counseling Alternatives

Last Modified on November 13, 2023