• The Legend of Mt. Nittany Mural
    Panorama of the Mt. Nittany mural  
    This mural was part of a 1940's masters thesis project by a Penn State graduate student named Reba Esh, whose advisor was Dr. Viktor Lowenfeld, founder of the art education department at PSU. Kathryn Royer and Stuart Frost were also participated in the mural. It was modeled after the community mural projects common to Works Progress Administration (WPA) urban renewal efforts of that era. It depicts the mythical Indian Legend of Mount Nittany. The mural is located on the ground floor of the Fairmount Ave. building. (Photos by Danielle Crowe)
    Mural plaque    1990 plaque    Close up of Princess Nittany
     A close up of part of the huge mural showing Princess Nittany. Notice the mountain lion at the top just left of center.
Last Modified on November 29, 2023