• Kindergarten Orientation on the First Day of School

         On the first day of school, all kindergarten children and their parents are invited to attend an orientation session instead of a typical first day of school.  During this orientation session, children will get to know their classmates, meet their teachers, and participate in some introductory kindergarten activities.  While the children are involved in these activities, the parents will meet with the kindergarten teacher for an overview of the kindergarten program. 

         During this parent session, you will learn about each aspect of kindergarten and what you can expect throughout the year. Teachers will share specific information about arrival and dismissal - buses, snack (some schools collect money and the teachers buy the snack other schools ask parents to send in snacks for the class), lunch, volunteering opportunities, classroom schedules, and special activities.  It may be a good idea to bring your calendar as many teachers invite you to schedule your first conference in October with them during this session. Teachers will also respond to any questions you may have. In order to more fully focus on you kindergarten child, we ask that siblings not join you for this session.

        You will receive a letter from your child's teacher with your specific assigned time, but you might want to block out the first day of school on your calendar so you can be available during your assigned time. The first full day of school for kindergarten children will be on the second full day of school for other students. This schedule provides  kindergarten children with a soft transition to school.

       If your child is struggling with the transition and wants you to stay, the best thing you can do to help your child is to leave. We have support teachers and counselors available to help and before long, your child will feel completely comfortable in his/her new school. If your child has had a particularly difficult time separating from you, we will call you and let you know that your child is doing well! 

Last Modified on April 11, 2017