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Box Tops for Education

  • Here's how you can help your team win and help the school raise money for field trips, project supplies, and other PTSO supported things (like the stationary bikes in the library).

    Step 1: Clip box tops from any of the products that provide them (please check expiration dates, they take those seriously). Remember its not just food items, but tissues, office supplies, and other things as well. Check the Box Tops website for a list of products.

    Step 2: Put the box tops in a sealed plastic baggie (ziplock is a box top provider) and write the number of box tops on the outside of the bag.

    Step 3: Turn them into your homeroom teacher.

    The last day to turn in box tops will be February 1st. Totals will be corrected for the number of students in each team group so the winner will be the team with the highest proportion of box tops submissions. 

Earn Bonus Box Tops

  • To get started, go to

    You will need to sign up for an account to participate the Sweepstakes & Contests and Redeeming Box Top Codes.

    Choose between:

    • Sweepstakes & Contests
      • Check back often for new chances to earn extra cash for your school.
    • In- Store Bonus Offers
      • Look for Bonus Box Tops opportunities at a store near you.
    • Redeem a Box Tops Code
      • If you received a 14-digit eBoxTops™ code at checkout or on a package, you can redeem it here. Your designated school will automatically be credited with this bonus.






Last Modified on August 12, 2018