• Strategic Planning: 2013-2014 through 2015-2017

    The PA Department of Education (PDE) requires all districts to develop, implement and monitor a strategic / comprehensive plan.

    Starting in February of 2013, we began drafting a district-level plan with clear goals focusing on the most important aspects of our role as a school district. The goal of the process is to create a results-focused plan that enables our district to operationalize our mission and goals.
    Since February 2013, we have engaged with 146 stakeholders to develop a draft strategic plan for our Board’s consideration. Prior to November 25, 2013, we are hoping to obtain further public feedback regarding these priorities for our district’s work during the next few years. The proposed plan documents are attached here and to the left. Hard copies of the proposal are also located in all of our school offices, as well as our Nittany Avenue office.
    To ensure that multiple perspectives are considered and that staff and stakeholders support the plan, we included several staff members and representatives from many stakeholder groups throughout our school community to be part of our plan’s development. We asked community members to apply online to be part of this process. To see the list of steering committee members, click the link at left. The committee generated the district-level focus and goals.
    Since the updated PDE process requires an increased focus on teaching and learning, we believe your thinking is important in developing our plan. We hope you will assist us to ensure this planning effort is in line with our community's highest priorities by taking the time to share feedback with our district. To do so, please email us at info@scasd.org
    Additionally, please feel free to contact our superintendent's office with any questions or recommendations you'd like to share.
    Robert J. O'Donnell, Superintendent of Schools
    (814) 231-1016

Last Modified on November 9, 2017